You are invited!

Congratulations for being awesome as only awesome women are allowed here!  So what exactly are we doing here?  We are building a community of women in aesthetics!  Not only an educational community, but a beautiful supportive community where we can truly lift each other up and have a lot of fun doing it!  There will be events, and trainings, and retreats, but also networking like you have never seen before! Think of Angie's list for aesthetics and medicine!  

 xoxo, January

Wait, there’s a special offer for you!

For a limited time,  I am offering founding members a one year listing for free in exchange for building the community with us!  So please join both the Facebook group and Instagram pages as well!  All the fields are required as this is going to be something far better than anything you have ever seen before!  Feel free to invite friends but my only ask is please keep the invites to women in aesthetics and or medicine who are interested in aesthetics!


The name and the look will change and you LADIES will be a part of the entire birth of this community, as I know I do not know it all, and I can not do it all by myself nor do I want to!